We reviewed chapters 1-10, and the corresponding quiz.

The reference to "smite the shepherd" appears to be to Zechariah, and we intend to review this, with its tale of the "wicked shepherd" in the next session.

We reviewed the concepts of exegesis and eisogesis.

We then read Chapters 11-17.

We noted that Barnabas believed that the universe would have a total life of 6000 years, and that his reference to "the eighth day" hay be the first record of Sunday observance. Like Paul, he saw the body as a "temple", though he believed it was inhabited by demons befiore conversion.

Barnabas mentions the construction of a model serpent by Moses. In II Kings, this is linked to the account of the destruction of the Nehushtan image by Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:4)

The eponymous accounts of Rebecca and Manassah were left until the next class.