March 27, 2011 – “Plato, Student of Moses”  -- led by John Weicher


Justin Martyr, First Apology, Ch. 51-55


Justin finally finishes with prophecies from the Hebrew Bible, which is a relief.  But instead he reverts to parallels between Christianity to paganism, arguing that pagans took their myths from Jewish prophecy:


  1. If Christ  rose to heaven on the foal of a donkey, :so did Bellerophon on Pegasus;
  2. If Christ was born of a virgin, so was Perseus;
  3. If Christ was “strong  as a giant to run his course,” Hercules was stronger;
  4. If Christ healed the sick miraculously, so did Aesculapius.


But the pagans have said nothing about the cross, because they don’t understand it, and the cross is the centerpiece of Christianity.  By this time, however, the Emperor or his censors and advisers might be pardoned if they’d given up taking any of Justin’s arguments and analogies seriously.